Both commercial and residential real estate matters can present difficulties. However, commercial property issues and transactions are subject to different and more complex rules. Moreover, there is usually more money and a bigger investment at stake. The need to handle these matters correctly—right from the start—is critical.

The law firm of Rubin & Dombeck, LLC can provide you with legal experience and active participation in local real estate matters. We have the legal knowledge and practical real estate experience necessary to meet your needs effectively, whether you are a builder, developer, commercial landlord, or commercial tenant.

We have enjoyed long standing relationships with our commercial clients who have learned that quality service with an experienced firm does not need to cost you an arm and a leg. Contact us today to review your needs and to see if we can serve your needs effectively.

Our Clients and Our Practice

Our real estate lawyers assist commercial real estate builders, developers, buyers, sellers, contractors, commercial property owners, and tenants in a wide range of commercial property issues. Our attorneys provide comprehensive commercial real estate services, including:

Purchase and sale contract drafting and review
Business entity, such as LLC’s, for real estate investors
Landlord-tenant dispute resolution, including residential and commercial tenants
Commercial lease negotiation and review
Commercial real estate litigation
Environmental issues
Representation of individual builders
Quiet title actions
Preparation of construction financing agreements
Site plan applications
Subdivision approvals
Condominium and tract house development
Zoning and land use applications and hearing representation
For more information about legal issues related to commercial real estate, please contact us via phone or internet.